Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone. ---Mattyee

Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone.  ---Mattyee

Friday, April 15, 2011


CVS Pharmacy Plans More Locations!

By Anise J. Matteson

George Wooding’s article in the March issue, “Vocal Opposition Surfaces as CVS Plans Liquor Sales," addresses the issues I raised in my argument against CVS’s proposal: the impact on surrounding neighborhoods.

Included in my argument against the proposal, I highlight:

· CVS is a chain store (7,100).

· CVS Pharmacy will incease alcohol sales in the area.

· The proposed sale of non-pharmaceutical products by an entity doing business as a pharmacy is misleading.

· Taber’s CYCLOPEDIC MEDICAL DICTIONARY defines pharmacy as: 1. The practice of compounding and dispensing medicinal preparations. 2. A drugstore.

· In the interest of promoting good health a pharmacy should not sell alcohol.

Argument against the proposal for a CVS Pharmacy on Ocean Avenue was submitted to Supervisor John Avalos on the subject of CVS Pharmacy proposal discussion at the November 10 Ocean Avenue Revitalization Collaborative. I question why the Ingleside Terraces need another pharmacy within one block of an established pharmacy [Walgreens].

In these tough economic times, what does their prospectus look like?

Let us not rush into adding another business because the community wants to abate a nuisance. There should be ample time to learn more about CVS Pharmacy's business plan, feedback from Walgreens as to the impact on them, and feedback from business owners in the 1400-1900 blocks of Ocean Avenue, as well as Ingleside residents. The Board of Supervisors and the Department of Public Health may have valuable input.

Most importantly, what effect will CVS Pharmacy have on insurance plans? Will Walgreens be forced to discontinue accepting some insurance plans to remain competitive?

The entire email can be found at [November 30, 2010, REBUTTAL - NEIGHBORHOOD NARRATIVE: CVS Pharmacy Eying Ocean Avenue.]

The Miraloma Park improvement Club, San Francisco School of the Arts, the Youth Guidance Center, Captain Cassanego and the Board of Supervisors have my support in opposition to CVS’s plans to open stores on Portola Drive, Ocean Avenue and possibly on Noriega.

Anise Matteson is an Elder Care Consultant and (2008 Candidate - Board of Supervisors - District 11 (write-in)