Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone. ---Mattyee

Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone.  ---Mattyee

Television Show

TV Show "Aging-in-Place" Conquers Life's Journey

Life's Journey takes us through many seasons:  birth, adolescence, middle age and death.

As we pass through each season, we should 'enjoy the moment.'

Managing at-home living changes when one reaches the season of old age ["the golden years."]  Walking becomes more difficult, hearing and vision decreases, and you cannot enjoy  some of the foods that you love to eat.

Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone.  Everyone goes through each season.  The difference is how it is experienced and who is willing to walk with you.

Premiering soon to "OUR Health," Anise Matteson will host "Aging-in-Place" airing on OUR TV - Channel 78.  Guests will include:  Martin Simenc, PE, ARM - Home Safety:  Preventive Measures;" Cathy Drake, RN - "Transportation with Attendant Assist;" Judith Levine, MS, RD - "Nutrition;" Ed Bauman, MEd., PhD. - " Holistic Nutrition;" Karen Choy, SRES - "The Senior Real Estate Specialist."

"Aging-in-Place," a Bay Area program, provides life-planning tools for the elderly, their families/caregivers to help non-medical persons better manage self-care and the care of their aging loved ones living at-home or in transition with an emphasis on care planning and health information management.

Anise Matteson is an independent elder care consultant and a retired Registered Health Information Technician.

Writer of reference books for seniors:
  • Elder Diary:  Starter Kit
  • Caring for an Aging Loved One:  The Family Caregiver's Guide Book
  • Coping with the Holidays:  Excerpts from Elder Caregivers NEWSLETTER
  • Medication Instructions Organizer
  • Candidate:  Board of Supervisors.  San Francisco County.  District 11 (write-in).  2008.
  • Advocate:  Alzheimer's Issues and President-Elect Obama's Health Care Agenda.  2008.
  • Forum Host:  Caring for an Aging Loved One.  2009 - present.
  • Speaker:  "Health Care Disparities in the Black American Population."  Black American Political Association of California - Northern California Economic Summit.  "Unity and Progress."  2010.
  • Associate in Science with Certificate of Proficiency in Medical Record Technology.  City College of San Francisco.  1973.
  • Candidate:  Bachelor of Arts in Health Service Administration.  St. Mary's College of California Extended Education.  Moraga.  1986.  Project report selected as an example for new students in the Extended Education Degree Program.
  • Accredited Record Technician.  1973.
  • California Community College Limited Service Credential.  LIFE.  1984.
  • Founder:  Jeffery Matteson Memorial Art Scholarship.  Mercy High School - San Francisco.  (Pending)