Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone. ---Mattyee

Neither you nor your loved ones have to experience this season of life alone.  ---Mattyee

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CVS Pharmacy Eying Ocean Avenue

The following argument against the proposal for a CVS Pharmacy on Ocean Avenue was submitted to Supervisor John Avalos and the Ocean Avenue Revitalization Collaborative:

On November 10 CVS Pharmacy will discuss its proposal at the Ocean Avenue Revitalization Collaborative meeting (7:00 p.m.) at Lick-Wilmerding High School, 755 Ocean Avenue.

I question why the Ingleside Terraces need another pharmacy at 1760 Ocean Avenue within one block of an established pharmacy [Walgreens] at 1630 Ocean Avenue.

The Ingleside Light (November 2010) supports the idea. Alex Mullaney's argument in favor:

· “There's a potential for local hiring.”
· “Walgreens can use the competition.”
· “A fact sheet I attained from CVS Pharmacy's representative states the proposed store will “offer a complete range of products and services including a full service pharmacy” and stationary supplies, basic household items and cleaners, seasonal merchandise, photo finishing and personal care products as well as limited grocery items and alcohol.”

My argument against the proposal:

· CVS Pharmacy is a chain store (7,000).

CVS Caremark History
· 2008: CVS Caremark marks first anniversary of its successful, transformation merger as the largest integrated provider of prescriptions and health-related services in the nation on March 24.
· 2007: CVS Corporation and Caremark, Inc. complete their transformative merger creating CVS Caremark, the nation’s premier integrated pharmacy services provider.

Retail Pharmacy
· 2009: The company celebrates the opening of its 7,000th CVS/pharmacy, located in Little Canada, Minn.
· 2008: CVS Caremark acquires Longs Drugs’ 541 stores in California, Hawaii, Nevada and Arizona, giving CVS/pharmacy immediate market leadership in Northern and Central CA: as well as 3 distribution centers and PBM subsidiary, RxAmerica.
· 2006: CVS acquires 700 stand-alone Sav-On and Osco drugstores from Albertsons, making CVS/pharmacy #1 in fast-growing Southern California and enhancing its presence in key Midwestern states.


· “CVS fined for problem in sales of meth ingredient” (Yahoo! News. Greg Risling, Associate Press Writer. Fri, Oct. 15, 4:28 am ET.

· Walgreens provides the products and services CVS Pharmacy is offering: stationery supplies, basic household items, personal care items and limited grocery items. These items are also available at the Dollar Best Store across the street from Walgreens at 1623 Ocean Avenue.
· Walgreens provides photo finishing.
· There are two liquor stores A&N Liquor, 1521 Ocean Avenue, and Homran's Liquors, 1551 Ocean Avenue. The area has one bar, The Ave at 1607 Ocean Avenue.
· Golden Years Medical, 1949 Ocean Avenue, provides medical supplies, as does Walgreens.
· CVS Pharmacy will create additional parking. Rite Aid had its own parking spaces.
· CVS Pharmacy will increase alcohol sales in the area.
· As for the sale of limited grocery items—Walgreens has items, and when the construction is completed at the site of Kragen's Auto—Whole Foods will provide a larger selection of grocery items. There are two produce markets: Fruit Barn (1616 Ocean Avenue) and El Porvenier N.3 Produce Market (1400 Ocean Avenue).
· The needs of the area are adequately served.
· Albeit, 1770 Ocean Avenue has been plagued by graffiti and posters subsequent to vacancy since Blackbuster Video; but, what can CVS Pharmacy contribute to the area that is not currently provided?

In these tough economic times, what does their prospectus look like?

Let us not rush into adding another business because the community wants to abate a nuisance. There should be ample time to learn more about CVS Pharmacy's business plan, feedback from Walgreens as to the impact on them, and feedback from business owners in the 1400-1900 blocks of Ocean Avenue, as well as Ingleside residents. The Board of Supervisors and the Department of Public Health may have valuable input.

Most importantly, what effect will CVS Pharmacy have on insurance plans? Will Walgreens be forced to discontinue accepting some insurance plans to remain competitive?

The proposed sale of non-pharmaceutical products by an entity doing business as a pharmacy is misleading to consumers.

Taber’s CYCLOPEDIC MEDICAL DICTIONARY defines pharmacy as: 1. The practice of compounding and dispensing medicinal preparations. 2. A drugstore.

Likewise, in the interest of promoting good health a pharmacy should not sell alcoholic beverages.

Respectfully submitted,

Anise J. Matteson
Elder Care Consultant
(2008 Candidate - Board of Supervisors - District 11 (write-in)

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